Mareterra, monaco’s new eco-district, continues to take shape

Monaco’s new eco-district, Mareterra, continues to make good progress as the super-prime development starts to take shape.

Here we look at some of the latest updates from the past couple of months as well as some of the focal points of Europe’s most ambitious land reclamation development.


The development of Mareterra remains on schedule. The construction of more than 1,000 piles has started at a pace. These piles will support the palatial seafront Les Villas, with the entire pile-making workshop scheduled to be completed by October 2021.

The Le Renzo buildings, which form the westernmost edge of Mareterra and rise above a bustling port and retail plaza, are also starting to take shape. The first floor is now in construction, and significant work is also taking place inside the growing structure. The same is also true for installing the Le Renzo networks in the lower levels, for the realisation of the internal service road and the Periscope, which connects the upper levels of the Le Renzo to Mareterra’s port.

On the lower basement levels of Le Renzo, plumbing operations are now also underway, including the installation of pipes for wastewater and rainwater. The collection of rainwater will be one of the key sustainable features of this eco-development, along with other innovative green features, including smart electricity and water meters, geothermal heating, smart lighting, and dedicated electric vehicle charging stations.

Other developments include the private swimming pool that adjoins Le Renzo, which is now also in progress. One of the highlights of this striking pool will be its glass windows, which will give swimmers the illusion that they are swimming in the open sea.  


Work on Mareterra’s Petit Portier is underway. Petit Portier will be a dynamic destination that will offer a selection of shops and restaurants directly adjacent to Le Renzo.

Open to the public, life is designed to unfold at a relaxed place at this characterful destination. The port will have berths for up to 10 boats, not exceeding 15-metres in length.

Access to the Petit Portier will be via the Periscope, which comprises two elevators and a staircase, offering a seamless connection between the port’s quays and the high promenade, Place Princesse Gabriella.


Mareterra’s seaside promenade will span some 600 meters, offering pedestrians beautiful sea views and plenty of places to enjoy a moment of respite from busy lives. Once complete, the new seaside promenade will connect Mareterra to Larvotto.

Between the Le Renzo building of Mareterra and Larvotto, the promenade will be partially covered with a cap shade, offering pedestrians shade from the Mediterranean sun.

Punctuating the promenade will be a dedicated space for meditation, as well as the Blue Grotto, which offers people an opportunity to view the cassions that form the perimeter belt of Mareterra.


Mareterra is Monaco’s most exciting district, offering an exclusive enclave of super-prime real estate, including luxury apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and a collection of exceptionally rare seaside villas, the modern heirs to Monaco’s extravagant Belle Epoque mansions. Set around lush landscaping and designed with sustainability in mind, Mareterra sets a new benchmark for luxury real estate. To learn more about Mareterra, contact a member of the Ageprim team.

 Published: 30/06/21