Mareterra adapts to covid, remains on schedule

Despite the pandemic, developers and stakeholders are delighted to announce that Mareterra’s build schedule is still firmly on track. While the health crisis has made it necessary to review a large part of how the site is organised to ensure a safe working environment, the adaptability of key stakeholders has ensured Monaco’s pioneering eco-district remains on schedule.

“We have worked closely with state services,” a spokesperson for Bouygues TP Monaco, the construction company leading the development of Mareterra, said. “We received the necessary assistance and were therefore able to put in place an entire organisation with rigorous and effective measures to allow all the various operations to continue at Mareterra.”

The spokesperson added: “Even if it did not always appear easy due to the multiple participants, remarkable work was done to ensure the safety of workers, but also the smooth running of the various workshops. We were therefore able to meet the deadlines set for the development of Mareterra and do not foresee any delay on the planned schedule.”

The provision of masks, packed lunches, and even the expansion of changing rooms and dining rooms have all helped to ensure a Covid secure workplace at Mareterra. While these changes have come at a heavy financial burden, all of the various entities working on Mareterra have welcomed the teams’ significant efforts to adapt to the health crisis.“All of the Covid secure measures at Mareterra work very well, even if it involves constraints, such as wearing a mask in the middle of the summer,” the spokesperson for Bouygues TP Monaco added.

This article has been adapted from the Gazette de Monaco. Image copyright @DR Gazette de Monaco.