Clean moving at mareterra

Environmental and well-being concerns were at the forefront of designer’s minds when they embarked on planning the eco-district of Mareterra Portier Cove in Monaco. One key element of the development is that a significant portion of it will be pedestrianised. Furthermore, it will also promote the use of electric vehicles, creating what has been described as a “clean moving” district. Discover more below:

The stunning Mareterra is an eco-district currently under development in Monaco. The development will boast some 19,0000 m2 of pedestrian-only zones. Not only will this respect the environment, but it will ensure a safe environment for residents and walkers.

A further green credential of this ground-breaking development is that it aims to promote the use of electric vehicles. Mareterra’s state-of-the-art underground car park includes a network of 200 charging systems. Additionally, each of the luxury villas at Mareterra will also be equipped with a charging station. Mareterra will also boast four locations exclusively dedicated to the Mobee electric vehicle car-sharing service.

Further forward-thinking initiatives that promote the use of environmentally friendly ways of getting around include a bicycle station reserved exclusively for electric or electrically assisted bicycles, as well as an electric shuttle system that will connect Mareterra to Larvotto beach.