An autonomous ecosystem

The new land reclamation of Portier Cove will boast a sophisticated and autonomous ecosystem, creating a stunning natural environment in the heart of Monaco. The new eco-district has been designed as a link between the land and the sea, with careful attention paid to ensure it seamlessly integrates into the surrounding landscape. 

“It is both an ambition to establish a Mediterranean ecosystem, to offer the use of a park and to achieve the realisation of a garden,” says Michel Desvigne, Portier Cove’s landscape architect. 

“The vegetation settles according to the soil, the different depths and the slopes,” he adds. “There is consistency between artificial relief, created soils and plant forms. It is a singular and decidedly contemporary choice in this region with its renowned exotic gardens: to favour the evocation of the great landscape, of nature, rather than the creation of a decor like it was done in the 19th century.” 

Portier Cove’s landscape will take inspiration from the surrounding flora, which will include Aleppo pines that have been carefully cultivated along the seafront in Italy.

The creation of Portier Cove’s landscape, including the cultivating and planting of the trees, will be a major operation.“We are talking here about a thousand individuals, some of which will reach a height of ten metres when they are replanted,” Bouygues TP Monaco managers say.

The relocation of these local species will be accompanied by a natural management method to encourage the development of biodiversity. The use of water will be carefully managed, while the use of chemicals is prohibited across all of Portier Cove’s green spaces, creating a true eco-district and stunning natural environment.