When it comes to renting out your property in Monaco, deciding on the right partner is the crucial first step. AGEPRIM is the trusted name in property management in Monaco. As a property owner, to choose to work with AGEPRIM’s professional team is to guarantee a seamless, expert management of your important rental asset in the Principality.

As one of the leading names in real estate in Monaco, AGEPRIM has an unrivalled knowledge of the legal formalities that surround the letting of a residence in the Principality. In addition, we offer complete technical and accounting expertise and an in depth knowledge of the local market. You can rest assured that AGEPRIM is best placed to manage all aspects your property in Monaco.


  • Rental management (rental and property charge invoicing, rental collection, application of rental increases according to the applicable indices, payment of property charges)
  • Drafting of lease agreements and of any eventual amendments
  • Creation of management reports
  • Following up on rental payment deadlines
  • If applicable, sending payment reminder letters, formal notice letters and payment orders (preparing files for legal counsel).
  • If needed, and in agreement with the owner, undertaking of legal actions against tenants who are not up to date in rental payments to recover the unpaid rents or, in extreme cases, issuing eviction notices
  • Management of tax formalities
  • Management of any claims covered by an insurance policy
  • Relations with the syndic and representation in the general meeting of owners
  • Managing relations with utility companies, such as electricity, gas and telephone subscriptions.

In line with the Chambre Immobilière Monégasque, AGEPRIM Monaco Property Management fees are fixed at 8% of the rent collected plus VAT.

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