Monaco Property with 5G Network

On 9th July, 2019, the Principality of Monaco became the world’s first country to have a full, operational 5G network. From smart bus shelters, self-driving vehicles and ultra-high-speed wifi in luxury residences, the latest 5G rollout has opened up new opportunities that make everyday life much smoother for those who live and work in Monaco.are seeking a property for sale in Saint Roman, you will probably also view apartments in La Rousse, as the two areas are one official administrative district, known as a “ward”.

Luxury residences with 5G coverage enable people to make the most of their property and all that it can offer, whether it is enjoying top-quality phone calls to friends and family around the world, high-speed connectivity for remote working, ensuring the best home security, or enjoying built in artificial intelligence in the home. 

The benefits of a Monaco property with 5G network

There are many benefits to owning a Monaco property with a 5G network. With ultra-high-speed wifi, better connectivity for multiple devices and stronger internet security, homeowners are better able to make the most out of remote working, entertaining or unwinding after a long day. 

Not to mention, 5G will facilitate faster voice-activated services, including dimming the lights, turning on home security cameras and alerting the emergency services. Through Smart security systems throughout Monaco properties, 5G networks can immediately detect a break-in or threat to the property while automatically alerting the emergency services. 

5G will also benefit those who live alone by facilitating the use of wearable sensors to monitor the health and wellbeing of Monaco’s residents while allowing medical professionals to use telepresence devices to communicate and provide assistance.

Where to find a Monaco property with 5G network 


As the first country to utilise 5G throughout the whole principality, Monaco properties with 5G are highly sought after. Those seeking this new feature should look to reside in Monaco’s popular districts including Larvotto, Fontvieille, Monte-Carlo, and La Condamine, all of which are ideally located to enjoy Monaco’s sublime offerings. 

Residents living in these districts can enjoy evenings with friends in Monaco’s exquisite selection of bars and world-class restaurants dotted along the waterfront, afternoon strolls along Larvotto’s sun-lapped sandy beach or a day spent indulging in the superb selection of high-end boutiques in Monaco’s shopping mall. 

How Ageprim can help you find a Monaco property with 5G network 

If you are looking to buy a property in Monaco with 5G, then you will need to work with a highly skilled real estate agent with extensive knowledge of Monaco’s fast-moving and competitive market. Ageprim is a pioneer in Monaco’s real estate, offering an impressive property portfolio for sale. As a Member of the Chambre Immobilière Monégasque, our team of agents are trusted for their knowledge, discretion and unrivalled professionalism. Contact us today for Monaco apartments with 5G and let us help you find your ideal property, complete with a ultra-high-speed network.