The 24th edition of Rallye Monte Carlo Historique promises to be a highlight of Monaco’s social calendar this January. Each year, this prestigious event brings a magical atmosphere to the principality, with large crowds of sporting enthusiasts filling every corner of Monaco’s pristine streets.

While most of the action will take place across the French Riviera, the start and finish of the race will take place in Monaco, making Monte Carlo the ideal spot to get in and amongst the action this January. If you’re thinking of attending, read on to discover Ageprim’s guide to one of Monaco’s most significant events.

Monte Carlo Rally: Monaco’s Must-See Event in January 2022

Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique

Despite being one of the smallest territories in the world, Monaco is synonymous with two of the most significant and historic motor racing events globally: the Monaco Grand Prix and the legendary Monte Carlo Car Rally, originating in 1911. The rally is run by the Monaco Automobile Club, with the starting block taking place on the Place du Casino in front of an impressive backdrop of Monte Carlo’s striking real estate. 

The rally is one of the most exciting and unpredictable events of the year, with drivers put through their paces, contending with the sheer rock face, darkness, ice, snow, mud and thin ribbons of winding coastal roads. While much of the action will take place along the hairpin turns of the Cote d’Azur, attendees should look to find a top viewing spot in Monte Carlo for the ceremonial start and finish. Not to mention the roars of the engines as they accelerate through the streets of Monaco, past the stylish new Mareterra development. 

Equally, the atmosphere in Monaco is superb, bringing together a community of avid race enthusiasts. While much of the Grand Prix is seen on screen, the Monaco Rally creates an electric atmosphere throughout Monaco’s bars, restaurants, hotels and city streets.

Previously, competitors would set off from various starting points around Europe and congregate in Monaco for the race celebrations. However, in 1911, Prince Albert I re-routed the race, starting and finishing in Monaco. The move was accepted by the Organising Committee at Automobile Club de Monaco to boost the economy of the principality and encourage tourism from race supporters from across Europe.     

From January 27th until February 2nd, the 24th edition of Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique will mark the return of concentration legs, with three symbolic cities on the starting list: Bad Homburg, Milan and Reims, all meeting at the finish line in Monte-Carlo. Today, the route for this edition is set to be a myriad of diversity and difficulty, with dozens of candidates ready to compete for top titles. Racers are scheduled to leave Monaco at 6 am, passing through Col de Blaine, Saint-Andéol-de-Vals, Saint-Jean-en-Royans, Val de Chalvagne, to name just a few, and finish at Port Hercule in Monaco at around 1:10 am.


For those who stay for the entire race, the black-tie Prize Ceremony and Gala Night will happen on the evening of Wednesday, the 3rd of February, in the Salle des Etoiles at Monte Carlo Sporting Club.

If you’re looking to attend one of the very best events in Monaco this year, then make sure you plan your visit to the principality this January. 

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Published 28/09/21